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Here are answers to commonly-asked questions and key features of CSPedia. Questions are in bold text and grouped by topics. Look for a topic or specific question and read the answer directly below.

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Things to know about CSPedia

How many companies are included in CSPedia?

There are more than 650 companies, mainly chains with 10 or more stores.

How many stores are represented in CSPedia?

More than 102,000 stores. NOTE: We include dealer sites for those chains that also distribute fuel so the total may include some independent operators. Chain profiles state the number of stores "owned and operated" by the chain, as well as the number of dealer sites.

How often is the information on a retailer updated?

Updates are continuous. Industry news is added every day.  Every profile is formally reviewed and updated once or more a year.

How do I know if a profile has been changed or updated recently?

The date of the last update is at the top of each profile, just under the company name.

Which management positions are included with a company profile?

Key buying managers and top executives.

Does CSPedia have contact information for the management personnel names that are listed on the right side of each company record?

Yes. Click the name to open a bio page on the individual. (Also can be downloaded to Excel by clicking the Download X link.)

Are CSP Magazine stories about a company available in CSPedia?

Yes. Magazine articles and CSP Daily News items about a company are listed at the bottom of each retailer profile. Some retailer profiles also have a CSPTV video clip.

Are news articles from other publications (other than CSP) available in CSPedia?

No. However, the CSP magazine or CSP Daily News articles often include a link to other publications.
Click the headline to see links to other publications.

Can I see a sample of a company profile without having to become a CSPedia member?

Yes. Click here to view a sample company profile in PDF format.

General Usage

For companies I follow closely, can I be alerted when their profile is updated?

Yes, you can easily choose to get an instant e-mail alert for companies you select.  Click “Update Alert” on the right side of the company profile. Whenever that company’s profile is updated, you will receive an e-mail with the new information and a link to CSPedia.

I no longer want e-mail Update Alerts about a company that I selected previously. How do I stop them?

Log in to CSPedia, click Edit Notifications on the left. This will show you a list of companies you have selected to receive notifications.  Click the checkbox next to a company name, then select “deactivate”.

Is there a print-friendly version of a retailer’s profile? Can I print a profile as a PDF?

Yes. Use your browser navigation, select File > Print.  A printer-friendly, text-only document will print to your printer. If your computer has PDF software (such as Adobe Pro or Cute PDF), you will have an option to print to PDF, and the PDF will open on your screen.

Can I e-mail a company profile from CSPedia to someone?

No. The site is for subscribers, and the information cannot be e-mailed from the site.  You can print (see above) or copy and paste information into a document, then attach the document to an e-mail.

Can I maintain my own personal list of the retailers I follow?

Yes. When you first view a retailer profile, look on the right side of the page and click “Add to my Watch List.”  Every time you log in, you can click “View My Watch List” to see all the companies you have selected, and click a company name to view the profile.

How do I manage my Watch List, to add and delete retailer profiles?

After you log in, click “My Watch List” on the left side of the page to manage your list.

If I see something that I know is incorrect or missing, how can I alert CSPedia?

See “Spot an error?” at top right of profile pages.  Click the words Tell Us and complete the information, then click Submit.  An e-mail will be sent directly to CSPedia for our researchers to confirm.  You may receive an e-mail reply if there are questions.

Using Search

How do I know if a retail chain is included in CSPedia?

Search for a chain in one of 3 ways:

  • Use Quick Search on the home page. Enter a few letters of the name in the Company Name box. TIP: It is not necessary to type the full name of the company.
  • Click on the Chain Size tabs for a list of all retailers in a certain size range.
  • Click “Search Companies” button on the top right of the home page and enter your query parameters.

Can I search for retail chains in certain states of the U.S.?

Yes. Use “Search Companies” to query for companies by states of operation, or location of headquarters. Results can be downloaded into an Excel file.

Can I search for all category managers who are responsible for certain categories, such as tobacco/OTP?

Yes. Click on “Search Employees.” On the search page, select your criteria.  Results can be downloaded into an Excel file.

Can I search by management titles?

Yes. Click on “Search Employees” then select the title or titles.  The results can be downloaded into an Excel file. 

Downloading Information

How do I download information into Excel format?

Look for the green “Download X”  button on the right side of any company page, bio page, or with the results of any search query you do from the “Search Companies” or “Search Employees” page.

Can I search by wholesale supplier to see all the retailers who use a certain distributor, and then download the list?

Yes. Click the red “Search Companies” tab on the top right.  At the search page, select the wholesale supplier or multiple suppliers from the dropdown, click Apply.  You can download the results in Excel format.

Can I download all the management names and contact information for a company in one step?

Yes. Click on “Employee Search” at the top right of the home page.  Enter the company name, then click Apply. 
To download results in Excel format, click the Download X button that appears above the results.  Downloadable information includes first and last name, company name, title and telephone number.

Can I download the e-mail addresses of management personnel?

No. Our privacy policy does not allow us to provide a bulk download of e-mail addresses. However, e-mail addresses are included with the manager's bio.

Account / Membership Information

Do I use my e-mail address as my username?

No.  Username is your first and last name, with a space in between. It is not case-sensitive.

Is my username case-sensitive?


Can I change my username?

No, your username is established by Winsight when the account is set up, and the standard format for a user name is Firstname Lastname.  Contact CSPedia if you need assistance.

Are passwords case sensitive?


I lost my password. What do I do?

Click the link under Forgot Password? next to the login button. Enter your user name (which is your first and last name, with a space in between).  A new password will be sent to the e-mail address associated with your CSPedia account. Use it to log in, and then change the password as you wish by clicking on My Account.

How do I change my password?

After you log in, click on My Account at the top left of the home page. Enter and confirm a new password and click SAVE.

Why does your system keep telling me the password I have selected “does not include enough variation to be secure”?

This is a prompt to help you select as secure a password as possible.  A secure password generally includes a combination of numbers, upper and lower case letters and symbols. Using a secure password helps protect your personal information.  

I hate having to remember so many passwords. Can I save my password for CSPedia?

Yes. When you first login, tell your browser to “remember my password.”

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